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Your Discerning Small Intestine

Welcome to June!  As we move into the summer months, the energy of the body shifts from that of the expansive Wood Element represented by new growth, to the next of the Five elements, this being the Fire Element.  Fire represents heat, maximum expansion, and how this pertains to the body.  This Element is composed of the Small Intestine and the Heart as primary organs.  Other related organs are the major endocrines, which include the Thyroid, the Adrenals, the Ovaries and the Testes.  For the purposes of this newsletter, we will be focusing on the two major organs.  The Small Intestine represents the Yang energy or the forceful energy of the element, while the Heart represents the Yin or yielding energy of the element.  This issue will be devoted to the Small Intestine, and next month’s issue will cover the Heart.
The consciousness of the Fire Element has to do with Spirit, or self-awareness.  It is the "I am" consciousness.  The Yang activity of the Small Intestine pertains to the intellect, awareness and discernment.  This is important when appreciating that the Small Intestine is where the majority of your nutrients are absorbed from the Digestive System into the blood stream before being transported to the Liver.  The Small Intestine would need to have great discernment if it is to truly regulate what comes into the blood stream and what is kept out.  There is a special part of your body known as the Enteric Nervous System which, like a second Brain, helps determine what the body lets into the blood stream, and what it lets pass through the digestive system to excrete.  Therefore, the discerning aspect of the Small Intestine is vitally important if you want to avoid health imbalances.  Keeping the Enteric Nervous System functioning at its highest level is necessary for that to occur. 
The primary emotions associated with the Fire Element are Joy and Sadness.  The natural emotion is Harmony, as the joy state provides harmony in all the processes of the body-mind complex.  It will neutralize any excess activity.  Pathologically, when one lacks joy or harmony and it involves issues of the Heart, this can lead to chronic depression creating further disharmony.  The chief emotions leading to disharmony within the Small Intestines are the feelings of being "Lost or Vulnerable," with the minor emotions associated with the feelings of insecurity, abandonment, desertion, absentmindedness or unrequited love.  When one feels insecure or vulnerable, they tend to get "butterflies" in their stomach.  Actually this is the Fire Elements "vulnerability" that is feeding the emotion of "low self-esteem" from the Earth Elements Stomach.  This often leads to binge eating associated with sugar, as the taste of sweets will satiate the low self-esteem. 
The main sense organ associated with the Fire Element is the tongue related through talking, along with the main sense associated being touch.  People who talk a lot, but never really say anything of substance are usually feeling vulnerable or insecure.  Likewise, people who don't talk at all are usually withdrawn as they won't engage in conversation due to the sense of being vulnerable.  Many times, one with a feeling of vulnerability and insecurity simply needs to be touched or held. 
The main taste associated with the Fire Element is that of bitter, and the main fluid associated is that of sweat.  Physical areas governed by the Small Intestine are the Unilateral Pelvis (right or left), the knee and the pubic symphasis.  Any conditions involving the pelvis usually has a Small Intestine component to it.  Muscles governed by the Small Intestine are the abdominal muscles and the quadriceps of the anterior thigh.  People who have anterior thigh problems, pulled quadriceps muscles, or people who have abdominal hernias or muscle pulls related to their abdominals need to consider the health of their Small Intestine. 
The Small Intestines main function, as mentioned, is related to the absorption of all the final breakdown products of the food we eat.  In a normal healthy individual, proteins get broken down into amino acids, fats into free fatty acids, and carbohydrates into glucose.  All of this occurs before the food-stuff enters into the part of the Small Intestine known as the jejunum. Once these final breakdown products are created, true absorption into the body will take place, as the food-stuff will now pass through the intestinal wall, and enter into the blood stream.  Any difficulty with this process will lead to symptoms.  Symptoms of Small Intestine imbalance can range from simple gas and bloating a little while after eating, to actual indigestion, or maybe true abdominal pain.  Conditions such as Tropical Sprue or Celiac Disease results in malabsorption of food leading to multiple nutritional deficiencies and further disease.  Another condition is called Whipple's Disease.  Consider the fact that many times these conditions are brought on or exacerbated as a result of taking antibiotics
Of Note, the use of Antibiotics will create a deficiency in the absorption of your B vitamins.  Since your body requires B vitamins for so many vital functions, including normal nerve transmission and regular heart rhythm, one would need to take a Probiotic to help repopulate the normal flora needed to allow for proper absorption and assimilation of your B vitamins, along with the rest of your food.  And as mentioned and will be discussed in our next issue, a lack of B vitamins cause irregularities in Heart function.
What To Consider
If you suspect you have a Small Intestine imbalance by experiencing 1) lots of gas, bloating or indigestion; 2) the use of antacids from over-the-counter meds to prescription meds; 3) knowing that nuts, seeds or high fiber foods irritate your digestion; 4) a history of Antibiotic intake and didn't take the necessary Probiotic to counterbalance the loss of friendly bacteria, you'll want to consider having your Small Intestine evaluated for proper digestion and function.
Nutritional support for the Small Intestine includes a product called Gastrex from Standard Process.  It is designed to help rebuild the lining of the Small Intestine.  This is important for those with ulcers, or regular indigestion.  Another whole food supplement designed to decrease the gas and bloating would be Zypan, also by Standard Process.  It contains pepsin and hydrochloric acid which helps to break foods down to their component parts for optimal absorption into the blood stream.  Helpful herbal remedies from MediHerb are Colax, designed to support bile production and flow into the Small Intestine, and DermCo which helps with healthy intestinal function.  Golden Seal helps to stimulate digestion, cleans the digestive tract, and maintains healthy mucous membranes.  The best herbal combination is available in a product called DiGest Phytosynergist, also from MediHerb designed to support healthy digestion and intestinal function, promotes healthy gastrointestinal tone, promotes healthy intestinal flora, and keeps the Liver functioning well.
Have You Taken Antibiotics In Your Life At Any Time?
The best thing anyone can do who has consumed antibiotics at any time in their life, is to take a supplement called Acidophilus.  This is a Probiotic formula which helps to counter balance the effects of Antibiotics.  It helps to replace the good, friendly bacteria the body needs that will be killed off by the Antibiotic therapy.  Available in most health food stores, it should be kept in the refrigerator, as the cultures are only viable if stored at cold temperatures.  This is a product that all Americans should be taking as a part of a healthy diet.  Failure to do so will result in Food Allergies, Liver Stress, Arthritis, Vision problems, muscle aches and pains, sometimes called Fibromyalgia and skin disorders such as Psoriasis, and Eczema.  We make available a supplement called Ultra Flora Plus, Dairy Free from Metagenics, available in capsule or powder depending upon your preference.  This is the ONE TRUE supplement everyone should take every day.   
My Offer To You
If you are a Current Practice Member and suspect that you have an issue with your Small Intestine, you need to have the Small Intestine Check.  If you suffer with any of the above symptoms, or have a history of antibiotic intake, you need to have the Small Intestine Check.  To take advantage of the Small Intestine Check, all you need to do is call The Office at (845) 561-2225 and tell us to schedule you for the Small Intestine Check.  This is a $75.00 value and I will include it with your next visit to the office at no charge.  That's right, it's FREE!  But you must act fast.  This offer expires on the 30th of June.  After that the normal $75.00 will apply.  So call the Office today.  Better yet, CALL THE OFFICE NOW!  Schedule your Small Intestine Check before the offer expires.
If you are a Potential New Practice Member, I will offer you the same thing.  Come in as a New Patient, and during the evaluation, I will include the Small Intestine Check as part of the evaluation.  Simply pick up the phone and call the office.  Tell the Office you are a New Patient and want to have the Small Intestine Check with your New Patient Visit.  But you must act quickly too.  For after June 30th, the offer will be gone.  Why wait, CALL NOW!  (845) 561-2225.  We'll get you in for your evaluation.
As always, we offer a FREE Health Care Class on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm here in the Newburgh Office.  Since class size is limited, reservations are requiredCall the Office at (845) 561-2225 and tell us you want to reserve your seat in my next class.  Come have all your health concern questions answered at no cost to you.  Bring a friend with you and help them as well.

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