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Normalizing Your Hormones: Part 2

Earlier in last month’s issue, I discussed the importance of evaluating your stress in the most up-to-date and accurate way in an effort to determine if your Adrenal System was suffering from the effects of the accumulative stresses of life.   And if so, what would be the best approach to balancing those health issues that would result.  I shared with you the recent cutting-edge technology of the testing procedures presented at the Standard Process Nutritional Lyceum held last month.  The presenter for the Adrenal Stress material was Angela Hywood, ND from Australia and I covered her information in that last newsletter.  I also eluded to the information on balancing your hormones delivered by the presenter, Dr. Janet Lang.  I also promised to discuss in this month’s issue the topic of Balancing Female Hormones, and what is the most accurate way to determine precisely what is causing the hormonal imbalances with a woman and her monthly cycle.  Whether you still get your monthly period or not, the information will be of equal value to both situations.  And if you know of someone who suffers with a hormonal imbalance (and which of us do not?), please forward them this e-newsletter and I'm sure they can be helped too.
Hormones As Messengers
Hormones are biochemical messengers that exert profound and specific metabolic influences throughout the body.  The Endocrine System produces a multitude of hormones that work together as a synergistic whole.  The Endocrine System along with the Nervous System are the control systems of the body.  When hormones become imbalanced, the biochemical symphony plays out of tune.  Since the Endocrine System is probably the first system impacted by nutritional imbalances and deficiencies, it is important to make sure you are consuming good high quality whole foods, and avoid the refined processed ones.  Likewise, since nutrients are needed to make and replace hormones, and the metabolic functions performed by hormones are nutrient based and mediated, it makes sense to pay attention to the quality of your food.
Hormones function like two-ended keys.  The "R" end, or receptor end, fits precisely into a cell receptor and "unlocks" the metabolic door to initiate an action.  The "E" end, or enzyme end, fits precisely with cellular enzymes that transform the hormone into another hormone, or into a metabolite for excretion.
The Problem With "Synthetic Hormones"
When a "synthetic hormone" enters a cell receptor, its "R" end is similar to the real one, but it's not an exact fit.  Like the wrong key in a lock, this jams the cell receptor or alters the action initiated.  This is known as side-effects.  The "synthetic hormone" does not have the correct "E" end, so it cannot be properly cleared from the receptor, transformed into other hormones, or properly metabolized and excreted.  This is known as more side-effects.  If you wish to disrupt the delicately balanced Endocrine System, giving "synthetic hormones" is an excellent way to do so.  The disruption is even more pronounced with "synthetic steroid hormones" because the steroids have their own delicately balanced melody within the overall symphony.  *NOTE: All steroid hormones can be made in a bio-identical form to our own.  These are easily and inexpensively made from plant sterols, usually from wild yam or soy.  Being exact versions of human hormones, they cannot be patented.  IN ADDITION: Synthetic steroid hormones are also made from plant sterols, and then chemically altered by pharmaceutical companies so they can be patented.
The Two Chief Hormones For Women
Estrogen is a general term used for the several types of estrogen hormones made by the ovaries, and to a lesser degree the testicles.  Estrogens are steroids, derived from cholesterol, and come in three major categories.  Estrone, 5 - 10 % is considered a strong estrogen because of its ability to cause cell proliferation.  Estradiol, 5 - 10 % is considered the strongest estrogen because of its ability to cause cell proliferation.  Estriol, 80 - 90 % is considered a weak estrogen because it does not cause the cells to proliferate, but it does balance the proliferating effects of the other two thereby conferring protection against their cancer-causing ability.
Symptoms of Estrogen Deficiency:
Hot flashes, Night sweats, Insomnia, Mood Swings, Mental fogginess, poor memory, Vaginal dryness, Vaginal/Bladder infections, Incontinence, Urinary frequency, Headaches, migraines, Decreased Sexual Response, Loss of ambition, Depression, Lack of stamina, Decreased Breast size, Wrinkling of Skin, Osteoporosis, and Increased risk of Heart Disease.
Symptoms of Estrogen Excess:
Heavy bleeding, Clotting, Cramping, Water retention, bloating, Breast tenderness, lumpiness, cystic breasts, enlarged breasts, fibrocystic breasts, weight gain, Headaches, migraines, Emotional hypersensitivity, Depression, irritability, Anxiety, Anger, agitation, Decreased Sexual Response, Thyroid dysfunction (resembling hypothyroidism) Cold hands and feet, Blood sugar instability, Sweet cravings, Insomnia, and Gall Bladder Dysfunction.
Progesterone is a steroid hormone produced in the ovaries (corpus luteum) and Adrenal Glands.  One of its main roles is to balance estrogen.  Progesterone is also produced by the Brain and the peripheral nerves, and possibly other locations.  Normally, women have much more progesterone at any given time, then estrogen.  This is important to know.
Symptoms of Progesterone Deficiency:
PMS, Heavy bleeding, Clotting, cramping, Inability to concentrate, short-term memory impairment, Muscle tension/spasm, Fibromyalgia, Water retention, bloating, Insomnia, Breast tenderness, lumpiness, cystic breasts, weight gain, Thyroid dysfunction (resembling hypothyroidism), Headaches, migraines, Anxiety, irritability, nervousness, moodiness, Hot flashes, Depression, Decreased sexual response, Osteoporosis, Amenorrhea, spotting, Endometriosis, and Fibroids.
Symptoms of Progesterone Excess:
Sleepiness, Bloating or constipation, Candidia, Mild depression, and Exacerbated Estrogen deficiency symptoms (see list above)
Note:  Progesterone only functions correctly when it is in the right proportion with estrogen, it's primary partner and synergist.  Estrogen is necessary to create Progesterone receptors, and Progesterone regulates Estrogen receptors.
Isn't it curious that some of the symptoms are common to all the different imbalances?  No wonder why women have such a difficult time in knowing what is really going on with their hormones.  The obvious choice would seem to be consulting your Gynecologist.  Unfortunately, the usual solution is one of two artificial hormone treatments, either Birth Control Pills (BCP's) or Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).  But since we know that using synthetic hormones is the quickest way to create an imbalance, with no control over the side effects, wouldn't it be much better to use all natural solutions designed to restore balance without all the side-effects?  Of course it would.  But how would we be able to accurately determine which of the different scenarios is occurring for each person?  That's where the Saliva Testing comes in.  By collecting samples of Saliva at regular intervals throughout the day, your specific rhythm can be determined.  Comparing that to a balanced and healthy profile, we can accurately determine what the hormone levels are doing and what All Natural Nutritional/Herbal protocols are needed in an effort to return the body to balance. 
What To Consider
If you are a woman, or are married to one, and you suffer from any of the symptoms listed in the above four imbalances, you (or your wife) would benefit from getting a Saliva Test Kit and performing a test on yourself.  What you will discover is the specific imbalance you suffer from and then have a true place to start restoring your health.  In other words, it won't require you to "try" something to see if it works, all the while you could be creating more imbalances in the process.  It also won't require that you take artificial hormones.  Along with the interpretation offered by Neuroscience, the company who supplies me with the Saliva Test Kits, there also are proven solutions offered that will help to restore balance to your whole hormonal system.  So you would have everything to gain by doing one of these Saliva Tests.  Can you imagine what your life would be like if you were able to finally get a handle on your hormones and all the systems they influence? 
My Offer To You
To ALL Current Practice Members:  If you, or someone you know, suffer with any of the above mentioned symptoms, you owe it to yourself to call the office.  Tell us you want us to hold a Saliva Test Kit for you and you'll be in to pick it up.  If you stop in and pick the Test Kit up before June 30th, the consultation to discuss the results, normally $75.00, will be given for FREE.  But you have to act fastCall the Office TODAY at (845)561-2225 and hold your Kit. After you come in to get the Kit, you'll simply collect the four samples of saliva, place them in the proper containers, place them in the box and mail it back to NeuroScience (who pays for postage) and in about 10 days NeuroScience will have the results sent to me.  It's totally painless, and you will finally discover why you feel the way you do.  But remember, after the 30th of June, the regular fee of $75.00 will apply, so call NOW!
For All Potential New Practice Members, I will offer you the opportunity to come in for a consultation to discuss your results.  This is normally a $75.00 service and for taking advantage of this offer, I will do it for FREE.  Absolutely no charge with any obligation for treatment.  But let's be honest...if you have an imbalance, won't you want to receive treatment?  So call today at (845) 561-2225 and ask us to hold your Test Kit TODAY! 
As always, we offer FREE Health Care Classes where you get to bring all your health related questions and have a chance to have them answered for FREE.  This occurs every Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm located in the Newburgh Office at 320 Robinson Avenue.  Since seating is limited, reservations are required. If you have a burning health question and would like me to answer it for you, call the Office and ask us to hold your spot in the class.  There is no charge for this class, but seating is limited.  Call now at (845) 561-2225 to reserve your seat.  This is a FREE service offered by Dr. Huntoon for the community.  If you belong to an organization and would like Dr. Huntoon to come and speak to them at no charge, please let us know and we will arrange for that to occur.  This too is a community service.

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