Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Fever

Renewal - Fresh Air, Sunlight, and a Little Perspiration
 It's easy to associate our society's increasing levels of illness and disease with our decreasing interactions with the natural environment. Our bodies are designed to function in the presence of lots of fresh air, sunshine, and fresh water. If these natural elements are not available every day, it's no surprise that we suffer the consequences.

Sure, we live much longer than those born in 1200 or 1500 CE. But the Biblical lifespan was "three score and ten". With that as a reference, it doesn't seem as if we've made much progress.

Fresh air, sunlight, and fresh water provide innumerable health benefits. But in most urban environments, we need to actively seek out the natural world. We need to schedule our "sunshine" time to make sure we get out there and catch some rays. We need to schedule time to go to the park and breathe fresher air, air with less pollution and more oxygen. Also,  we need to make sure we're drinking plenty of water every day.

Spring is near. In New York City, yellow, white, and purple crocuses have raised their cup-shaped flowers above the ground for all to see. In California, western buttercups, ground pink, and bush lupine have begun to bloom. Humans, too, are awakening to the glory of a new Spring.

For most species, Winter is a time of rest and recovery. A time of renewal. When the clock strikes Spring, oak trees, azaleas, prairie dogs, red-tailed hawks, salmon, and butterflies are ready to go. But people are often out-of-touch with the rhythms of their home planet. We struggle against the elements, dreading Winter and battling cold, sleet, and snow for three or four long months.

When Spring finally comes we're often too stressed out from our Winter blues to enjoy what's unfolding right in front of us. We didn't use our Winter time to build new reserves of strength. But Spring signals a new year, full of new possibilities. We have a new opportunity to grow and develop, just like every other species with whom we share our beautiful planet.

We can allow ourselves to be inspired by the subtle news of a new Spring. The sun is higher in the sky and the days are longer. The air is fresher, carrying the scent of revitalized soil. Fresh water sparkles, glinting and glistening in dancing sunbeams.1,2

It's time for us to join the party. As humans, we don't grow new branches, twigs, and leaves. We don't grow new antlers or a new coat of fur. What we can do, though, is grow new cells, particularly muscle cells. And we can make the cells we already have much healthier and much stronger.

Being active provides the access to this process of renewal and rebirth. For many of us, this will be a brand-new way of being. Three-quarters of American adults do not get enough physical activity to meet public health recommendations. This data directly correlates with the associated facts that two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese.3

We want to be healthy, fit, and well. This new Spring is the time to begin taking small steps toward reinventing ourselves as people who really are well, who really are physically fit, and who really manifest abundant, vibrant health. Consult your chiropractor for professional advice and guidance in designing your new fitness-and-exercise programs. We will provide expert assistance and support you in your wellness journey. In modern society, lack of good health is the norm. It takes time and effort to ensure we restore ourselves to the abundance of good health that is our birthright.

1Colston KW: Vitamin D and breast cancer risk. Best Pract Res Clin Endocrinol Metab 22(4):587-599, 2008
2Bener A, et al: High prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in type 1 diabetes mellitus and healthy children. Acta Diabetol 2008 Oct 10
3Spiotta RT, Luma GB: Evaluating obesity and cardiovascular risk factors in children and adolescents. Am Fam Physician 78(9):1052-1058, 2008

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Fat Fights Inflammation

Understanding the role of fat (as opposed to a "roll" of fat) in today's fat phobic society is necessary, especially if we ever want to get a hold on all of the inflammatory conditions that exist in our countries current state of health.  Let's face it, the health of this country according to the World Health organization is ranked 73rd in the world.  That means that 72 other countries people have better health then the people of the United States.  The fact that too many people are fatter today then ever, in the history of both our country and human existence, should be a major concern.  Since it is becoming the norm with more and more of our younger children, appreciating the need for fat in our diet is vital if we can ever expect to combat this major health epidemic.  Unfortunately, the previous/current leaders associated with the dissemination of information on this topic are grossly misguiding.  They are motivated by making money off refining food and selling poor quality nutrition.  And it is because of this misguidance that has lead to the epidemic of obesity here in the U.S.  For that reason, I'd like to take the time to help you understand the need for fat on a regular basis along with how fat helps to fight off inflammation. 
Fat is one of the 3 major sources of food for the body, with the other two being Carbohydrates and Proteins.  Interestingly enough, the craze for "low carb" diets/meals and with the success of these types of diets which must help (otherwise they wouldn't be so popular), emphasizes what I will be discussing in the lines below.   Since there are only three sources of food (proteins, fats and carbohydrates), and the success of these "diets" is based on low carb intake, then it makes sense that if you eliminate or substantially reduce the carbohydrates from your diet, it only leaves the other two major sources to be burned.  And although proteins can be used for fuel, ideally only in extreme starvation circumstances, it is primarily used for repair and rebuilding of the body.  That leaves fat as the natural fuel of choice for the body.  And this is why these low carb diets are successful at shedding weight.  The real mechanism, and true understanding of why, will help you appreciate the need for fat.
Please appreciate the following: In a normal balanced body, your muscles and organs rely primarily on fat for fuel.  This is their ideal choice.  Not the over abundance of man-made, highly refined carbohydrates that you have come to crave and depend upon.  This, believe it or not, is a less desirable choice for your body.  Now if your body is functioning Aerobically, (meaning it is burning its primary source of fuel) it will activate and utilize dietary fat as energy for the muscles and organs.  In this same balanced body, your Brain and Nervous System utilize sugar derived from dietary carbohydrates as its primary form of fuel.  Again, this is as it should be. 
Now this is the part you really need to grasp!  When one eliminates fat from the diet, this will cause several imbalances to occur that are important to understand.  First and foremost, the body then turns over to using its back-up form of fuel.  As previously mentioned, this would be sugar.  Unfortunately, when the body burns sugar first, this leaves less than the required amount for the Brain and Nervous System.  That's a big problem.  With a mis-firing Brain and Nervous System, several other problems within the body will result.  Now, if you compound this with the digestive Yeast/Candidia imbalance most suffer with, as a result of the intake of antibiotics, you will then have a Brain and Nervous System that must share all of its food with, 1) the Yeast/Candidia imbalance growing in the Intestinal System, and 2) the muscles and organs of the body.  And if there isn't enough to go around, everything ends up failing.  Does this sound familiar to you?  And with most of the available carbohydrates being nutritionally deficient fuel sources, none of the systems will work, and the body (which requires fat for normal functioning) will convert the excess empty sugar over to fat.  Unfortunately, the converted fats are also incomplete for proper burning and results in storage as fat. This is a condition known as Metabolic Syndrome, and results in an increase in inflammation with improper hormonal function and that increase in middle body fat.  You know the type that some call a "spare tire." 
Reasons why we need Fat 
Fat is primarily used for fuel in the body, as stated.   Equally important it helps to form the precursors of Hormones within the body (which regulate organ function), along with substances known as Prostaglandins.  These are hormone like substances that control inflammation at the cellular level.  These Prostaglandins come in three forms; the first form are pro-inflammatory prostaglandins made from animal fats derived from meat and dairy, and then there are two other anti-inflammatory prostaglandins made from Omega 3 and 6oils which are derived from vegetables, nuts, seeds and seafood.  By increasing these in your diet on a daily basis, while decreasing your animal fats from meats and dairy, this will go a long way toward promoting anti-inflammation.  It will also continue to feed the body the necessary fuel it needs to produce abundant energy.  Now all one needs to do is continually burn this fuel through Aerobic activity.  This is the kind that is slow moving and lasts for greater than 20 minutes, such as walking, biking, running or hiking. 
So Why Do I Get So Much Inflammation?
Any time a person has inflammation, it is due to two basic imbalances.  The first is the over production of the Pro-inflammatory Prostaglandins from the over consumption of animal fats such as meat, dairy and cheese.  When these are consumed in the diet, they are converted in a one step process to Pro-inflammatory Prostaglandins.  It just naturally occurs.  The second part contributing to the problem is the under production of the Anti-inflammatory Prostaglandins due to the under consumption of vegetables, nuts, seeds and seafood.  But it isn't as simple as that.  In addition to the Omega fats, also needed from the diet are the promoters of this conversion, Vitamin B6, Niacin, Vitamin C and E, along with Magnesium, Zinc and Calcium.  These allow for the two-step transformation of the Omega fats over to anti-inflammatory prostaglandins.  Equally important to avoid are the suppressors of these converters.  These suppressors, which block the production of anti-inflammatory prostaglandins, are alcohol, aspirin, anaerobic excess, hydrogenated fats, cigarette smoke, refined sugar, steroid medications and stress.  If one experiences high concentrations of any of the suppressors or low concentrations of the promoters over a long period of time, it will then stop their body from being able to fight off inflammation, since the anti-inflammatory prostaglandins will not be able to be produced.  Unfortunately, the pro-inflammatory prostaglandins will still be produced because of the continued consumption of animal fats and dairy.  Even if only in small amounts.  Basically, the body has the tendency to produce excess inflammation based upon our life-styles and dietary intake. 
How Does This Impact My Hormones?
Since you need balanced fat consumption to yield balanced hormone production, a deficiency in the fats derived from vegetables, nuts seeds and seafood will have the tendency to cause improper hormone production, or not enough usable hormones.  And with the over-utilization of artificial hormones, most specifically in women, is it any wonder there are so many women who suffer from irregular menstrual cycles or have difficulty getting pregnant?  Or is it any wonder why, after years of not eating fat, many are fat?  And for the men, is it any wonder they too need to take some of the more popular medications for Erectile Dysfunction.  All of these concerns are related to the mis-information about fats, and how society has been conditioned to fear fats for fear of becoming fat.  And yet with all the propaganda and with society following along blindly is it any wonder why Americans are getting more health concerns and consuming more and more medication?  Something to seriously think about. 
So What's My Solution?
If you suffer with excess inflammation and would like to put an end to it once and for all, I suggest you come see me to talk about your personal inflammation problem.  Through some easy, non pain forming questions, I can help you determine what is the best way to alleviate your inflammation and restore balance to your system?  And the funniest aspect of all of it?  You'll have to learn to eat fat.  But this means Healthy Fat, not bad fat.  As a natural side effect, you probably will begin to lose weight, which is the reason why it is funny.  Eating fat, losing weight, and stopping all your inflammation in the process.  What more could you ask for?  And if we find a deficiency, we can recommend the highest quality EPA/DHA Fish Oil product, along with other essential fatty acid formulas designed to give you the necessary good fats required for balanced body function.  And if you suffer with an imbalance in your hormones, we can address that too.
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Anxiety - Wide-Ranging Health Effects

Humans appear to be hard-wired for modest levels of anxiety as a fear-arousal warning mechanism. Anxiety may be characterized as uneasiness, fear, worry, and apprehension. These are all normal responses to environmental threats. But if anxiety states persist, many people may experience chronic back pain and a variety of other debilitating conditions.
Holistic Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic care is about much more than bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The focus of chiropractic is on the musculoskeletal system, and yet the benefits of chiropractic care extend far beyond these connective tissue structures.
Chronic musculoskeletal tension results in numerous biochemical changes such as excessive and prolonged build-up of lactic acid, a metabolic end-product of muscular contraction. These metabolites, which are accumulating wastefully and unnecessarily, irritate local nerve endings. Nerve irritation leads to increases in local muscle tension, setting-up a vicious circle of muscle tension, nerve irritation, more muscle tension, and more nerve irritation. Importantly, the irritated nerves send signals to all the other parts of the body, causing increased levels of activity and unnecessary use of precious resources. In these circumstances, the person may become irritable, gets tired more easily, has sleep disturbances, and even may develop various diseases.
Chiropractic care is a powerful healing method that affects many body systems as a result of addressing stresses in the musculoskeletal system.
Humans appear to be hard-wired for modest levels of anxiety as a fear-arousal warning mechanism. Anxiety may be characterized as uneasiness, fear, worry, and apprehension. Anxiety is a common psychological state in which the basic message is "get away from this situation". The state is usually accompanied by numerous physiologic components including surges of the hormone adrenaline, increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure, and increased blood flow to the major muscle groups as the body prepares for "fight or flight".

These are all normal responses to environmental threats. The overall process is orchestrated by the amygdala and hippocampus, two regions of the brain's limbic system which process memory, emotional response, and spatial navigation. But for many people, if anxiety states become frequent and prolonged by various developmental circumstances in childhood and their teenage years, they may begin to respond to perceived rather than real threats. The anxiety state may persist and even become the default condition for the individual.

Those with chronic anxiety may experience chronic back pain,1,2 chronic muscular tension, fibromyalgia,3 headaches, chest pain, shortness of breath, and heart palpitations. Chronic anxiety may cause a person to anticipate the worst, to have ongoing feelings of dread, to be constantly irritable and tense, and to experience panic attacks. Eventually the person may become worn out from the constant drain on their inner resources and a likely outcome is depression. The person simply cannot take any more stress.

Chronic anxiety has a specific impact on the musculoskeletal system. Persistently elevated levels of adrenaline create ongoing tension in the postural muscles of the lower back and the weight-bearing, antigravity gluteal muscles, pelvic musculature, and hamstrings. The long-term results may include chronic lower back pain, inflammation of the sciatic nerve, and lumbar disc disease. Of course, any of these health problems create more anxiety for the person, establishing a vicious circle of anxiety, pain, more anxiety, and more pain.
Solutions for chronic anxiety usually require multidisciplinary holsitic approaches. Nutrition, for example, is a key factor in restoring a person's homeostatic mechanisms. Significantly reducing one's intake of simple carbohydrates - soda, muffins, cookies, cake, fast food, and even juice - will often have a substantial impact. Making sure to have five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day will also provide great benefit.
Chiropractic care can frequently provide considerable assistance to those with chronic anxiety. By normalizing activity within the musculoskeletal system and reducing muscular stress and tension, chiropractic care helps eliminate an unnecessary source of biochemical and physiologic stress.
1Newcomer KL, et al: Anxiety levels, fear-avoidance beliefs, and disability levels at baseline and at 1 year among subjects with acute and chronic low back pain. Phys Med Rehabil 2(6):514-520, 2010
2Hurley DA, et al: Physiotherapy for sleep disturbance in chronic low back pain: a feasibility randomised controlled trial. BMC Musculoskeletal Disord 11:70, 2010 [11 pages]
3Silverman S, et al: Toward characterization and definition of fibromyalgia severity. BMC Musculoskeletal Disord 11:66, 2010 [9 pages]

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Do You Have Arthritis Of The Eyes?

How many of you reading this e-newsletter do it wearing glasses?  And how many of you who wear glasses, have developed the need for them as you have gotten older?  I ask those 3 questions to get your attention, because if you did say YES to any of them, there is a great opportunity for you to improve your eye-sight without the need for glasses, contact lenses or laser eye surgery.  It's totally natural and certainly more cost effective then laser surgery, or the long-term cost of glasses or contacts.

Consider that the eyes are the windows to the Soul, and the consciousness of the Soul is represented in the Wood Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  This element consists of the Liver and the Gallbladder which becomes most active in the Spring.  This will be important to appreciate later in this article.  An example of the relationship that you might already understand is when a person suffers with the condition of jaundice, where there is a backing up of bile from the Liver into the blood stream, it causes the whites of the eyes to turn yellow. 
In my previous newsletter on the Liver, I wrote about the relationship that exists between the Liver and the muscles, joints and tendons of the body, and how the liver regulates these areas.  Any inflammation of the joints is an indication that the Liver is overstressed with toxins, and that the body is storing the excess toxins in the areas of the muscles, joints and tendons.  Inflammation and irritation of the joints over time, whether it is from auto-immune sources, metabolic sources or simply excess wear and tear from the aging process, Rheumatoid type, Gout type or Degenerative type respectively, are all different classifications of Arthritis.  And all of it has to do with how the Liver, your chief planner, is dealing with how life is showing up to you, and how you react to it.  

How Does This Effect The Eyes? 
If one has difficulty seeing the things in their life that are particularly hard to look at, the Liver will store the effects of that stress in the eyes.  Over time, assuming the stress in your life and the way you "deal" with it stays the same, the lens of the eye will become inflexible and rigid, and will have difficulty accommodating to all the different things one sees.  This rigidity of the lens leads to one needing glasses.  For those who don't want to see the things that are closest to them, because they don't want to deal with them will develop a need to wear glasses for near vision.  And for those who have trouble seeing the big picture, or things far away, will develop a need for glasses for far vision.  

So What Can Be Done?
There are a few ways to help someone who is suffering from "Arthritis" of the Eyes.  Most importantly is to make sure the Liver is free of stress and toxins. We do this at the office by evaluating the Liver and its function from an Emotional, Toxic, Nutritional, Allergic, Physiological, or Structural point of view.  If your Liver has any of these imbalances, we will then cross-reference to the eyes specifically to see if the imbalance is effecting the eyes.  If it is, we will recommend the appropriate solution and start you on the road to better vision.  It's that simple. 

What's The Benefit To You?
Being able to see clearly and not having to depend on searching for two different pairs of glasses all the time would be an obvious benefit anyone could "see."  Being able to go to your eye doctor and having them decrease your glasses prescription is also an empowering feeling and one I enjoy hearing about form practice members who have called to tell me their eye glass prescription was made less.  Imagine if you could have that experience.  I say why imagine it, why not truly experience it. 

What To Consider 
If you suffer from eye weakness, need glasses, contacts or are considering allowing someone to point a laser at your eyes, you may want to come see me for the Liver-Eye Connection Evaluation.  This painless evaluation takes about 5 minutes and allows you to see if something you are doing is contributing to eye weakness, or if something you are having difficulty dealing with is contributing to eye weakness.  Since it is a painless evaluation, why not stop in and have it done.  And to make it less painful, I will offer this to you for the Month of March as a FREE service.  That's right; this $75.00 value is yours for FREE.  During your next regularly scheduled appointment, tell Dr. Huntoon you want the Liver-Eye Connection Evaluation and we'll do it.  But don't wait, because as time is flying by, the end of March will be here soon.  So Call the Office Today at (845) 561-2225 and take advantage of this special offer.