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Your Sleeping Thyroid...The Missing Link

Doc Rick says, "So many people are being diagnosed with thyroid disorders, it is no wonder any of us can still be able to survive. The solution is not as difficult as you may think. And it does not require medication either" Click on the link
Your Sleeping Thyroid...The Missing Link
Having returned from the Mediterranean where I was studying nutrition while on a Cruise Ship (I know, it's a tough life, but someone has to live it.), we learned about what I am calling "The Missing Link."  Having covered the relationship between the Heart and the Thyroid in past issues of Holistic Health Newsletter, it was fascinating to learn that even I have this health imbalance.  Anytime I find a tool or a technique that will help me personally, you can be sure I will bring the information back and share it with my Practice Members. 
Iodine supplementation may be the "missing link" in a good percentage of health related issues of the Thyroid, Liver, Adrenal Glands, muscles of the body, Ovaries, Breast Tissue, as well as the Heart, as many Heart Arrhythmia cases, especially Atrial Fibrillation, are regulated by this required nutrient.  One of the topics we covered while in class was specifically about Iodine Fulfillment Therapy and the need to check this in everyone.  Since the body needs adequate stores of Iodine for the Heart to beat smoothly, along with many other body functions, I was amazed to see that even I was quite deficient in my Iodine levels.  Having learned the material and then discussed it with couple of the different practitioners who were already aware of this common deficiency, I am now offering the simple test called the Iodine Patch Test.   This simple test will help both of us determine if you have adequate stores of Iodine within your body.  We simply apply a patch of special roll-on Iodine (made in the proper ratios for this test), and then see how long it takes for the patch to disappear and become absorbed by the skin.  If it disappears quickly (as mine took 45 minutes) it indicates that you are severely Iodine deficient, and your Thyroid and other body functions are out of balance.  Healthy results should take greater than 12 - 16 hours.  Ideally it should take 24 hours.   
Iodine Fulfillment means the entire body has adequate stores of Iodine in order to function properly.  Although Iodine can be found in every organ and tissue in the body, some areas utilize more Iodine than others.  It is not only the Thyroid Gland that uses Iodine, but also the Heart, Breasts, Ovaries, Muscles, Liver, and Adrenal Glands.  We are also discovering that while it may take smaller doses to fulfill the Thyroid's needs, it often takes much larger doses to fulfill the rest of the body's needs, including the needs of the Heart. 
These parts of the body are Iodine-sensitive--that is, if they are starving for Iodine, they do not function properly.  Since there are so many Iodine-sensitive sites in the body, medical experts are finding that Iodine therapy can be a "panacea" of all sorts for all types of stubborn problems.  Just as physicians noted 60 to 100 years ago, Iodine therapy can help people with Hypo- or Hyperthyroid (with or without goiter), Fibromyalgia, Fibrocystic Breasts, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Brain Fog, Constipation, Obesity, Diabetes, Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Infections, Hypertension, and more.  In addition, it may prove essential treatment if you suffer from Heart Disease, Arrhythmias, and Atrial Fibrillation.
Many decades ago, salt and bread began to be fortified with Iodine in an effort to resolve chronic Iodine deficiencies in the American public.  Some of this fortification was later changed to carcinogenic bromine fortification.  And today we find lots of people with toxic and heavy metal burden--with high levels of lead, mercury, and the two toxic halides, Bromine and Fluorine.
Bromine and Fluorine compete with Iodine for absorption and binding in the body.  As Iodine levels drop, Bromine and Fluorine levels rise.  The damaging effect of Bromine on Thyroid Tissue also appears to contribute to the development of AutoImmune Diseases in the Thyroid Gland (Hashimoto's Thyroiditis).  Upon specific testing, it is known that Iodine Fulfillment Therapy increases Iodine at the absorption sites in the body while increasing the excretion (elimination) of heavy metals and the toxic halides Bromine and Flourine.
As these toxins are decreased, the body breathes a sigh of relief.  Measurable clinical changes start to take place as Iodine levels rise.  Goiters and nodules of the Thyroid begin to disappear.  The same is true for ovarian cystsEnergy increases as the toxin load diminishes.  Metabolism increases, and weight loss becomes more normal.  Libido increases in men and women.  Brain fog clears.  And deeper and better sleep with vivid dreams once again becomes possible.
Breasts and Iodine
The Breasts are the second main glandular storage site for Iodine next to the Thyroid Gland.  The relationship between Breast health and Iodine deficiency has been known for more than 100 years.  The human female Breast concentrates and secretes Iodine.  The more diseased the Breast Tissue, the greater the need for breast Iodine.  Since the Mammary Glands have a trapping system for Iodine similar to that of the Thyroid, the Breasts effectively compete with the Thyroid Gland for ingested Iodine.  This distribution of Iodine to both the Breast and Thyroid Gland in pubertal girls explains why goiter is 6 times more common in girls than pubertal boys.  The disappearance of Iodine into Breast tissue in women leads to decreased ability to supply the Thyroid Gland with an adequate amount of Iodine.  The development of Goiter in young girls indicates deficient distribution of Iodine in both Breast and Thyroid tissue.  Treating such patients with Thyroid Hormone is not sensible and appears to increase the risk of Breast Cancer.  Iodine Fulfillment Therapy does not increase the risk for Cancer.
Perhaps the most significant Breast symptom related to Iodine is Fibrocystic Breast Disease.  It is not unusual for women who were desperate with this condition--and considering a mastectomy in order to become 100% normal--to end up with no Breast pain following the achievement of Iodine saturation.  Many of these women experience the beginnings of these kind of results within three weeks of taking 50 mgs of Iodine daily
Normal Breast architecture will simply not develop when a woman is deficient in Iodine.  And the Breasts and Thyroid are not the only tissues that take up, secrete, and utilize Iodine.  All tissues in the body are more immune to disease when they posses adequate Iodine.  Do you remember when we were kids--no matter what kind of cut, scrape, or injury we got--we always got a tincture of Iodine put on the wound?
That's because Iodine is powerfully antibacterial, antiparasitic, antiviral, and even anticancer.  Therefore, people with adequate Iodine levels within their body enjoy markedly less numbers and severity of infections.  And adequate amounts of Iodine, and Iodine supplementation for those who are deficient, equates with better health in general and less risk of infection and infectious disease in particular.  Also, since Iodine promotes normal killing of defective and abnormal cells (apoptosis), Iodine helps the body's surveillance system to detect and remove abnormal cells.  This results in the slowing of degenerative disease processes and decrease risk of cancer. 
What This Means To You
Appreciating the body's need for Iodine is important, which is why I am sharing this vital information.  Since it is necessary to have adequate stores of Iodine for normal functioning of your body, as it is used by many of the major organs, including the Thyroid, Heart, Liver, Ovaries, Breast Tissue and Adrenal Glands, if you have any health imbalances related to those organs/glands, you should consider what I have discussed here.  And if you have difficulty with your energy levels, libido, metabolism, brain fog or sleeping habits, Iodine deficiency could very well be the "missing link."  Take note of how you are feeling, and how your body is functioning, and consider the following offer.
My Offer To You
If you are curious about your Iodine Saturation Levels, and you should be, my offer is for you to come in and have the Iodine Patch Test done.  It is a simple test that requires applying a special roll-on Iodine solution to your skin, usually on the inside of your forearm, or some other inconspicuous area, and then noting how long it takes to disappear.  Again, we are looking for it to take as long as possible, certainly greater than 12 hours.  And if it takes less than that, it would benefit your entire health and the functioning of your whole body to begin Iodine Fulfillment Therapy.  If your results are positive, meaning you are Iodine deficient, we would discuss what needs to be done to restore your Iodine levels to normal. 
To ALL Current Practice Members:  During your next scheduled office visit, I will be offering the Iodine Patch Test.  The cost for this test is absolutely FREE!  That's right, there will be no charge for this test.  I feel it is so important and the potential to help you regain your health is so high, that I will be doing this test on everyone.  And there will never be a charge for the test.  So call the office at (845) 561-2225 and tell us you want your Iodine Patch Test done on your next scheduled office visit, and we will make sure it gets handled.  But get it handled, before Summer is over and you get back into your Fall routine.
To ALL Potential Practice Members:  I am asking you to come to my Tuesday Evening Health Care Class which is held every Tuesday Evening at 6:30 pm at No Charge. That's right, It's FREE!  During the class I will answer any and all of your health related questions, and I will introduce the importance of the Iodine Patch Test.  For those who wish to participate, we can do the test, and you can see for yourself if in fact you are Iodine deficient.  At that point, you can decide if you'd like me to help you with that condition, or any other health related condition that may concern you.  Simply call the Office at (845) 561-2225 and schedule yourself  for my next Free Health Care Class.  As class size is limited, we do require reservations.  So please call the Office to schedule yourself for the next class.  Why wait?  Aren't you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  Call NOW!

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